Block Island Trip

Chris's report from the shipwreck

April 9, 2005

Block IslandNine of us took the ferry to Block Island and split into three groups once on the island. Between these three groups we covered almost the entire island - or at least the important parts. Hillary and Jessaca rented bikes for the day for only ten dollars which I didn't even know was an option. They said they had a great time. Ben, Irena and Michelle walked all the way to the north point and took a taxi back, while my group did most of the southern coast and Rodman's hollow. The hollow is probably the most breathtaking part of the island. Mariette took a LOT of pictures of the shipwreck which is a lot cooler than I remember. And we all got sun burned which I think is much needed after any worcester winter.

Block Island

Block IslandBlock Island

Block IslandBlock IslandBlock Island

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