Blackstone River Valley Hike

Uxbridge & Blackstone, MA

Saturday November 26th, 2005

River view from Lookout Rock Historically, the only action you'd be apt to find at Clark during Thanksgiving break would be the tumbleweeds blowing across the Green. But not everyone goes home for the holiday, so this year we joined forces with the Office of Intercultural Affairs to offer a trip to the Blackstone Valley National Heritage Corridor State Park.

Group at Lookout Rock Despite the cold weather and recent snowfall, eight of us hailing from six countries hiked the Canal Towpath and King Philip's Trail up to Lookout Rock and back.

King Philip's Trail Lookout Rock The patchy snow created some pretty sights along the trail.

River Bend Farm Our starting point was at the park's River Bend Farm Visitor's Center. The center is located in a beautifully restored barn.

Exhibit area After our hike, we spent some time upstairs in the exhibit area learning a little bit about the river's history.

Rolling Mill Dam We then drove a few miles south for a brief visit to the Blackstone Gorge, a whitewater section of the river located on the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border. The Gorge's Rolling Mill Dam reminded us of a miniature Niagara Falls.

Blackstone Gorge Below the dam, we could see the cliffs begining to rise above the river. Those who proceed further downstream will find that they eventually reach heights of 60 feet in the steepest portions of the gorge.

Rapids Although it covers only a short distance from end to end, the Blackstone Gorge is the most pristine and untamed section of the river, and certainly the most exciting to visit.

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