Hike of Bigelow Hollow State Park

Union, CT

September 12th, 2010

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Group on Breakneck Pond View Trail
An air of adventure greets the fourteen of us as we journey into the untamed stretches of Union, CT, woodland which span Bigelow Hollow State Park and Nipmuck State Forest. We head for Breakneck Pond and follow its long western contour (left side of photo), stopping to rest at a convenient spot on the narrow trail.
Breakneck Pond
Further up the trail, we veer onto the dirt path known as Cat Rocks Road and are stopped dead in our tracks by a huge muck hole. After some trial and error (the errors were comical), we thread our way down a precarious detour around most of the mud. Detour around the mud
Catie at Cat Rocks A side trail brought us to Cat Rocks, a secluded 50 foot cliffside of jagged, jumbled boulders which we explored. At left, Catie climbs past one of the crevices. Below, Catie, Dana, Mackenzie and Eric stand at the top of the cliff, with a nice view across Breakneck Pond in the background.
Catie, Dana, Mackenzie and Eric
Catie and Dana Catie and Dana carefully make their way back down the Cat Rocks cliff.

We continued our loop around Breakneck Pond and crossed the state border into Massachusetts before reaching it's northern tip.

Breakneck Pond northern tip Group
State line marker Hiking back down the pond's east bank, Eric, Gabe, Zach, Mackenzie, Frances and Catie check out the state line marker as we re-enter Connecticut.
Rest stop At our next rest stop, Andrew decides to take the plunge.
Zach, Catie, Frances, Dana & Mackenzie Zach, Catie, Frances, Dana and Mackenzie share a good story on the bank of Breakneck Pond. We were still some distance from the finish line of our 6-7 mile trek, but propelled by the excitement of the day's adventure, we hiked the final stretch in high gear and made it to the trailhead right on schedule.

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