Hike of Bigelow Hollow State Park

Union, CT

September 7th, 2008
We wanted our first hike of the semester to be memorable, and memorable it was! From the bright blue skies you'd never guess that tropical storm Hanna had just dumped buckets and buckets of rain only hours earlier, but along the trail there were still a few subtle clues.

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Nature The park itself was gorgeous! We began our hike at the Bigelow Pond picnic area and proceeded to do an 8-mile loop around Breakneck Pond in the adjoining Nipmuck State Forest.
Breakneck Pond A picture of Sophie taking a picture of our first view of Breakneck Pond from its eastern shore.
Breakneck Pond Another view of Breakneck Pond taken a bit further up the trail.
group Our group hiking along the eastern shore of the pond...
hiking over rocks ...up and over rocks...
stream crossing ...and across flooded streams.
resting We stopped to rest at a place
where you stop to rest.
Katie A peaceful moment: Katie down on the banks of the pond.
rope swing At the northern tip of the pond Sophie, Max, Taylor and Leila discover a rope swing and, well... you can guess what happened next.
Leila First Leila takes it for a test spin.
Taylor Taylor Then Taylor is up and away!
Jason Max She's followed by Jason and Max (who apparently can fly)...
Sophie Jeff ...and by Sophie (who apparently can walk on water) and Jeff (at various odd angles).
Ashley Ashley is bewildered by all those crazy kids!
Michelle and Sasha Michelle and Sasha are up to their knees.

Being pre-soaked actually turned out to be good preparation for some of the trail conditions we encountered on the remainder of our hike.

flooded trail flooded trail
all of us At the end of our hike, photographic proof that we all made it out unscathed. What can we say. Our adventure was not your typical Sunday afternoon Outing Club hike, but we all had a great time on a trip which we won't soon forget.

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