Beartown State Forest
Weekend Camping Trip

Great Barrington, MA

April 18th - 20th, 2008
Group at campsite Ten of us headed out west to Great Barrington, MA on a Friday afternoon and set up camp at the Beartown State Forest campground (though didn't see any bears, thank god!). We camped on the edge of Benedict Pond.
Saturday we got up bright and early to have breakfast and get on the road to hike Bear Mountain in Salisbury, CT, about 15 miles to our south. A few stayed back to explore the town of Great Barrington as the rest of us others trekked up the mountain.
Lana, Phil, Ky, Ali and Laurie Group on Bear Mountain
Bash Bish Falls
Later in the afternoon, we all traveled to Bash Bish Falls in the town of Mt. Washington, MA to enjoy the atmosphere of one large, beautiful waterfall!
Group at Bash Bish Falls
The weather was gorgeous, so we hung around for a while, relaxing on the rocks surrounding the falls and exploring the area.
Megan, Gretchen, Laurie and Katie Laurie, Ky, Ali, Lana, Boyd and Phil

Careful though! The water was FREEZING!


We hopped across Bash Bish Brook below the falls.

Ali stretches to the limit trying
to avoid wet feet...

Ali and Gretchen Ali is so excited! ...then she comes up with a better idea (compliments of Gretchen).

Clarke rises to the challenge with a Superman-style flying leap!

Boyd, Phil and Laurie Gretchen, Katie, Megan, Laurie, Ky and Lana Posing in front of the falls...

(Left) Boyd, Phil, and Laurie

(Right) Gretchen, Katie, Megan, Laurie, Ky and Lana.
We got back to camp late afternoon and everyone rested. Then we set up for dinner and played some fun games (a little bit of catchphrase, and a game called girl talk). Sunday morning we rose early as well, packed up, had breakfast in town, and headed back to Clark. It was a great trip.

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