Hike of Barre Falls Dam

Barre, MA

Sunday November 13th, 2005

Tuan, Hilary and Greg Tuan, Hilary and Greg stand on the banks of the Ware River as it flows out of the flood control gate at Barre Falls Dam. The dam - built by the Army Corps of Engineers to restict the river's flow during heavy rains or spring runoff - is where our hike began.

Midstate Trail over Harding Hill We proceeded south from the dam along the Midstate trail, shown here as it crosses over the top of Harding Hill. It was the third time this fall that we found ourselves on a section of the 92-mile Midstate Trail, which runs from the Rhode Island border to the New Hampshire border.

Marsh Swampy section of trail Beyond Harding Hill, the trail descends past marshes and though swampy areas.

View of Blood Swamp from dike After about 3 miles, we parted from the Midstate trail and hiked across a dike at the southern end of blood swamp. The dike allows water to be retained in the swamp during periods of flooding until it can be safely released downstream through the dam.

Fire road Street sign Our return trip back to the dam was along a network of fire roads with odd names. At an intersection, we took Kitchen Camp Fire Road rather than find out where the alternative might lead us.

Stream We passed by this stream, which flowed through a culvert beneath the fire road. .

Stump photo Illuminated by the setting sun, Chih Wei, Greg, Tuan, and Hilary pause for a tree stump photo op as we near the end of our hike.

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