Cabin Weekend at Armington Lake

Piermont, NH

March 20th - 22nd, 2009

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Armington Cabin Nestled in the woods along the shores of Armington Lake and just a stone's throw from the White Mountain National Forest, Armington Cabin was a perfect home away from home for our weekend adventure. We arrived on Friday night well past midnight, after a short 15-minute hike in from our parking spot. The rustic, one-room cabin - owned by the Dartmouth College Outing Cub - had a wood stove for heat and cooking, 3 sets of bunk beds and a 3-person loft for sleeping, a table with wooden benches and chairs for dining, a nearby outhouse, and no electricity. It was everything we were hoping for!
All of us We settled in for the night, and although we lit the fire, the cabin remained very chilly. Saturday morning we woke up early and feasted on pancakes and eggs cooked over the wood stove. Many of us wandered outside to drink our coffee in the snow and enjoy the bright sunshine. Then we were off for a day of exploring.

Our first destination was the lake, which was still completely frozen. Nora brought her Nerf football, so we played football on the ice, goofed around, shared stories, and got to know each other a little more. Below, Neta, Samantha and David engage in a little silliness.

Neta, Samantha and David Neta, Samantha, and David

Gymnastics on the lake... David and Kim (left) and Kim, Neta, and Samantha (right). It was fun because being from New York City, Neta and Samantha were new to winter camping and had never been out on a frozen lake before.

David and Kim Kim, Neta, and Samantha
Group walking down the road After leaving the lake, we went for a really long walk along the main road, which was in fact just a small dirt road with no cars. We were in search of the trailhead for the Appalachian Trail (AT), which passes nearby.
Kim, Ashley and Nora We played in a big field along the way, and stopped on the banks of a stream to rest and snack on some gorp. Some of us wrote in our journals while others told stories and watched the water flow. Kim, Ashley and Nora (at right) stayed behind at the stream while the others continued on in search of the AT.
David We never actually found the AT, but on the way back we stopped again at what had now become our favorite stream. At right, David glances down at the water while enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine.
Kim By the time we got back to the cabin, tree hugger Kim was feeling the love! She's embracing one of the big trees in the clearing between the cabin and lake. We enjoyed sitting outside under the trees to drink coffee or tea when whe had spare time.
Ashley, David and Kenzie Later, Ashley David and Kenzie relax by the fire pit. It was a nice way to wind down after a full day of wandering in the wilderness.
David, Ashley and Kenzie Our next order of business was dinner. Cooking on a wood stove required some patience; it took 3 hours just to make pasta and fried vegetables, and later we managed to fill the cabin with smoke from burnt popcorn. But we were plenty hungry and dinner was worth the wait! Neta and Samanta took over cooking duties while we chatted, played music, and enjoyed a sing-along with Abby and her guitar. Then we sat down to a huge family-style candlelight meal - we pretty much felt like a family by now - after which we hung out and played cards and games. In contrast to the prior night, the cabin had become exceptionally toasty warm, and we all shed our extra layers.
Abby and Nora Sunday morning we woke up on our own, made breakfast, and relaxed. Some went on hikes while others sat by the lake. Abby treated us to more of her guitar playing, which we all enjoyed. From the time we set foot in the cabin Friday night to the time we left on Sunday, we encountered nobody else the entire weekend. We felt like we had the entire wilderness to ourselves. The evenings were pretty cold and there was a little snow overnight on Friday, but the warm, sunny days are what we will remember. On the way home, we stopped in Brattleboro, VT, for coffee and to celebrate our amazing weekend.

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