Acadia National Park
Camping & Hiking Trip

Mt. Desert Island, Maine

Saturday October 8th - Tuesday October 11th, 2011

Is heading up Cadillac Mountain at the ridiculous hour of 6am on a Sunday morning just to see the first sunrise in the US really worth it? Our answer is a resounding YES, even if we appeared at the time to be slightly less than wide awake!

Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain group resting on Cadillac Mountain
group on Cadillac Mountain Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain was the first conquest of our 4-day fall break adventure. Following the long drive up to Acadia National Park, we set up camp Saturday night and headed out early the next morning to catch the sunrise. A good number of other park visitors had the same idea.
We returned to the campsite, explored the national park via the Park Loop Road, and then set our sights on The Beehive. It's a nearly vertical rock mound with iron rails to help with the tricky climbing, but Sasha and Daniel make it look easy! Sasha & Daniel climbing The Beehive
Sasha on The Beehive
View of Sand Beach from The Beehive From the top of The Beehive we had an excellent birds-eye view of Sand Beach, where we would end up later in the day.
View of The Bowl from The Beehive We also had an excellent view of The Bowl pond, which was our our next destination!

Arriving at The Bowl, Sahsa and Therese are on the rocky shore where we stopped to dip out toes in the clear blue water.

The Bowl Sasha & Therese
Sand Beach From the Beehive we made our way down to Sand Beach. Despite the oh so cold ocean water, Hannah and Gabriel decided to take the plunge! And while they were swimming we all spotted a seal.

Group photo on Sand Beach, followed by a jump shot!

group photo jump shot
Sasha on The Precipice Farther down the Park Loop Road we walked out on the rocks at Thunder Hole, and then headed to Bar Harbor for dinner. A few of us even had lobster! After dinner we returned to camp to roast some tasty s'mores 'round the fire before resting up for the next day's big adventure: climbing the Precipice Trail on Champlain Mountain!

The Precipice is similar to the Beehive in its use of ladders and iron rungs, and the steep cliffs that it teeters along. Sasha is being careful not to lose his balance!
Precipice Trail The crew makes its way along the steep Precipice cliffside.
Sasha along Precipice cliff Fatima, Gabriel, and Shawran Up ahead Sasha rounds the bend, while to the rear Fatima, Gabriel, and Shawran, make their way past rocks and branches.

Opposing views of Jordan Pond, which we explored after finishing the Precipice Trail. At left, Jordan Pond with The Bubbles in the background. At right, Jordan Pond as seen from the top of South Bubble.

Jordan Pond & The Bubbles Jordan Pond view from the South Bubble
Bubble Rock At the edge of the South Bubble summit, we give Bubble Rock the shove! It took a glacier to get the rock up there, and needless to say, it wasn't gonna budge!

Later, we end our trip the way it began, at the summit of Cadillac Mountain. But this time it's the setting sun we came to see.

Sunset at Cadillac Mountain group watching the sunset

After a final night of camping, we loaded up the van on Tuesday for the long drive back to Clark, bringing many fond memories home with us, along with way more pictures than we could possibly squeeze onto a single web page!

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