Acadia National Park
Camping & Hiking Trip

Mt. Desert Island, Maine

Saturday October 11th - Monday October 13th, 2008

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Road trip ROAD TRIP!!!! At a distance of 300 miles from Clark, Maine's Acadia National Park is as far as we've ever ventured on one of our outings. As we departed Worcester on a bright Saturday morning, we discovered that among our crew of six adventurers we in fact had two coffee addicts. This led to a string of donut shop stops along the way, but we eventually made it to our campground with plenty of daylight to spare.
Ocean view Close to our campsite we soon discovered some nice rocks overlooking the ocean and declared it to be our favorite spot. We went there both nights of our 3-day adventure and enjoyed hanging out under the very bright moon and sky full of stars. As Jake and Ashley demonstrate, it wasn't a bad place to be in daylight either.
As we begin to explore the island, Willa is all set to hit the trails (left) right after we stopped to enjoy a magnificent view right along the road (below).
View of mountains
Food! Back at the campsite that evening, Jake, David, Rachel, Willa and Ashley eagerly await food!
Group ascending Cadillac Mountain On Sunday we tackled Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the island. The views on the way up the mountain were amazing.

Natahsa and Jake climb up the trail while David claims the high ground.

Natasha and Jake David

Ashley and Jake enjoy the tranquility of a small pond we passed along the way.

Ashley Jake
Mountain view Continuing our ascent, this was our view from above the pond.
Approach to the summit Foliage gave way to bare rock as we neared the summit.
Group on Cadillac Mtn. We're there! All of us at the top of Cadillac Mountain.
Natasha Natasha is doing her best imitation of The Sound of Music.

Departing the summit we split into two groups. Willa and David headed west to explore Jordan Pond while Natahsa, Ashley, Rachel and Jake followed a southerly route and set their sights on "The Beehive" (right).

Natasha, Ashley and Rachel Natasha and Ashley at The Beehive
Ashley and Natasha Climbing The Beehive was just a little bit steep in spots.
Ashley Jake Ashley (left) is making her way up the rock face below Jake (right), who is nearing the crest.
View from The Beehive We didn't have enough daylight left to go all the way to the top of The Beehive, but the ocean views from our elevation were quite impressive nonetheless.
Our trip home Our two groups reconvened at camp that evening and headed home the next morning. While the drive up to Acadia had been all about breaking the ice and getting to know each other, a lot of bonding can happen in three days together. Our ride home was as festive as could be. We were six grungy hikers crammed into a minivan with a ton of stuff and made even more coffee stops going home than on the way up. Life doesn't get much better than that!

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