Hike of Mt. Pisgah Conservation Area

Northborough, MA

Sunday September 11th, 2005

Our group As the crow flies, Mt. Pisgah Conservation Area in Northborough is just over 10 miles to the northeast of Clark. It was another day of perfect hiking weather as we eagerly approached the trailhead along a winding country road which took us past farms, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches.

Boulder seat We hiked the Mentzer trail along the northern slope of the hill in heavily wooded terrain criss-crossed by characteristic New England stone walls left over from 19th century farming, and then cut across the summit to a scenic overview on the southeast side. Seated within a large boulder, Carly paused to enjoy the lap of primitive luxury.

Southeast view Arriving at the overview trail, we were treated to a very nice vista.

Enjoying the view Luke, Jeremy, Seah, and Alisa enjoy the sunshine while taking in the sights, which included the top of Boston's Prudential Center and Hancock Tower in the distance.

Amazing sights Alisa (the other one) and Jenn even spotted a real live UFO!

Camera man Tourist extraordinaire Chih Wei was well equipped to capture the moment.

Wildlife management area trails On our way back to the trailhead, we came upon another whole network of trails in an adjacent wildlife management area which none of us had known about. The trails were well blazed with maps posted at strategic points, so we decided to check them out.

Frog This frog was one of the inhabitants we saw in the wildlife area.

Smiling ladybug We also spotted a very unusual but happy ladybug.
Given our little detour, the hike ended up being a mile or two longer than we expected. As you might imagine though, nobody seemed to mind.

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