Spring Break on the Appalachian Trail

Northwestern Massachusetts

March 4-6, 2006

We started our hike from North Adams, MA. The first section of trail was steep as we were climbing up onto a ridgeline. We reached Mt. Williams by mid-morning on the first day. Snowflakes were falling and the snow was getting deeper with elevation.

Mt. Williams Steph, Dan and Trigger on Mt. Williams

We pressed on to the summit of Mt. Greylock, and warmed ourselves in our sleeping bags in the shelter there. The summit of Mt. Greylock is a wild place to be at night during the winter! The next day we stashed most of our gear and took only light packs on an excursion down into a town which we discovered was Adams. Feeling ambitious after a quick stroll down the main drag, we decided to get back to our refuge on the summit by bushwhacking strait up the mountain, using telephone lines as a guide.

Steph at the base of the lines Steph and Dan reaching the summit Over the next two or so hours we ascended about 2,000 feet in elevation! As the sun was setting, we reached the top and put on our warmest clothing to enjoy the sight.

The next day, we descended off Greylock, this time breaking trail through drifts that were knee deep at some points. Once we were at a warmer altitude, we cruised down into the little town of Cheshire, passing through sunlit fields and swamps on our way. This trip had a little bit of everything in it and we can't wait to get back out to the AT!

Dan and Trigger Trigger and Steph

Dan and Trigger (left)

Trigger and Steph (right)

Steph and Dan stretching Dan

Nothing beats a good stretch!

Dan on a pillar on a mountain

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