Wachusett Reservoir

Sterling, MA

March 27th, 2016

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forest road

The eleven of us enjoy an afternoon in the sun exploring the trails along Massachusetts' second largest freshwater body. From Gate 35 in Sterling, we hike along an array of quiet forest roads, and pass a meandering stream which flowed beneath our trail.
group on trail Since it was such a beautiful day and we were all in no hurry to finish our hike, we expanded our route along trails that looped further west.
things change They sure do!

The beautiful landscape and bright sunshine created a perfect ambiance.

Rose, Rosie & Owen
We pass by some sort of old stone foundation and decide to climb up and explore it.
Greg, Brittney, & Adina
Rose Rose is always right in her element when climbing up rocks.
Leaving the stone wall, we hike down to Kendall Cove where Jessica and Adina enjoy our first good look at the actual reservoir.
Alec Andrew, Nga, Owen, Rosie, Rose, and Alec Andrew glances at Kendall Cove before we continue up the trail toward Tahanto Point.

We emerge just north of Tahanto Point and admire the tiny islands sitting a short distance offshore.

Reservoir & islands

Following the shoreline, the Tahanto Point sandbar unfolds before us. It was a little like a day at the beach, but being a public drinking water supply, the reservoir itself is strictly off limits.

Tahanto Point

Rosie and Alec select a few stones to skip across the water. They create some nifty wave patterns.

Rosie & Alec wave patterns
water bottle
Clark water, meet Wachusett water.

Proceeding toward Greenhalge point, we bid adieu to the cute little islands.

Saving the best scenery for last, our whole group arrives at the tip of Greenhalge Point. It was a great spot to enjoy the reservoir to its fullest. And of course, Mugsy (our mascot) likes to get into the scene as well.

group at Greenhalge Point Mugsy at Greenhalge Point

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