Alpine Ski Trips 2016

Wachusett Mountain - January 30th
Sunday River Ski Weekend - February 19th - 21st
Wachusett Mountain - February 27th

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group Our alpine ski season commenced on January 30th with a crew of ten hitting the slopes of Wachusett Mountain Ski Area in Princeton, MA, for an action filled day. Our abilities ranged from no-experience beginners to weathered ski veterans, all of whom had an amazingly fun time.
bunny hill A few novice snowboarders in our group started their day here on the bunny hill, while more experienced skiiers headed off to the black diamonds.

On the bunny hill, Jenna teaches Alisa and Salma the basics of snowboarding, while off on a more difficult slope, Emilie raises a victorious hand, having already conquered half of the trail!
Jenna Alisa and Salma
snow-covered trees
Jenna, Emilie, Maria, and Jenna ride the lift to the top, admiring the majestic snow-covered trees along the way.
Jenna, Emilie, Maria, and Jenna
Jenna at top of mountain What a view from the top of the mountain! Jenna prepares for her next descent.
Maria and Jenna Maria and Jenna make their way down the mountain on a narrower section of the trail.
dinner group on front porch Next up: Our annual big ski weekend at Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine!

After a day of skiing, we enjoy a delicious Saturday night meal and rise early Sunday morning for a front porch group photo at our host residence before hitting the slopes again.
group on mountain On Sunday's first run up the mountain we snap a group photo before facing the icy trails, which were in stark contrast to the near perfect day we had on Saturday. The snow began to soften again as the wind calmed down and temperatures rose, making things more comfortable as we wrapped up our wonderful and unforgettable adventure!

But wait... there's one more trip to go! Here's our morning view from the ski lift back at Wachusett Mountain Ski Area on February 27th. Despite more spring-like temperatures this time and a lack of natural snow, the snowmaking had left the slopes in decent shape for the ten us.

TEXT Things did get a bit slushy though by the end of the day. We assemble outside the lodge for a group picture as the sun drops and our final ski trip of the season draws to a close.

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