Sawink Farm, Walnut Hill
and Crane Swamp

Northboro, Southboro & Westboro, MA

April 17th, 2016

The nine of us set out to explore Sawink Farm, Walnut Hill and Crane Swamp Reservation on a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon. From the Sawink Farm trailhead, we proceed across Walnut Hill to the Connector Trail leading toward Crane Swamp and Cedar Hill.

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Sawink Farm
Walnut Hill
pond Entering Crane Swamp, we came upon a small pond bustling with aquatic life. Just beneath the pond's surface the tadpoles were basking in the sun, while down a little deeper, a crayfish stakes out a small nook.
tadpoles crayfish
Savannah, Celia and Han
We descend further into the swamp, where Savannah, Celia and Han investigate a tumbling pile of garter snakes. The snakes were having lots of fun! There were so many tumbling about that we lost count.
As Cedar hill comes into view, we discover that the Cedar Swamp path to get there is still submerged, and decide to leave that part of the hike for another day. So after doing an about-face, Celia, Young, and Kristen pass by a stream as we continue our loop through Sawink Farm. flooded trail
Celia, Young, and Kristen

The stream's nourishment gives the vegetation sprouting along its banks an early jump on spring. Han and Maddie enjoy the scenery as they step across the path of boulders.

stream Han and Maddie

Nearing the end of our hike, Ruoqing gives a peace sign from above on a rocky outcrop, while down below, Greg has the whole forest to himself.

Greg Ruoqing
group photo We climb atop a large boulder at the trailhead for a full group photo and to relax in the sun for a while before hopping into the van for our trip back to Clark.

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