Holbrook Forest & Kinneywoods

Holden, MA

April 2nd, 2016

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Kinneywoods As we hit the trails of Holbrook Forest & Kinneywoods, the damp terrain held its own special charm. Our hike was postponed by an hour to allow the rain to end, but the beauty of the forest was well worth the wait.
Teresa & Lauren Greg Thanks to the morning's rain there were stream crossings aplenty. Teresa and Lauren skillfully teeter their way past one and Greg makes a leap over the next one.

Below, Julian's big step traverses a roaring brook with ease.

The damp conditions were perfect for the bright green moss covered rocks along the trail. And a sure sign of early spring, green stalks begin to sprout through the moss.
Moss & stalks
green mushrooms on fallen tree Even the mushrooms on a fallen tree were green. The whole decor was starting to look a bit Irish.
Greg on a rock Greg's jacket was green too. He's standing on a boulder which he and other Outing Clubbers placed there four years ago on Clark's Just Do It Day to serve as a step across a swampy section of trail.
Teresa Sydney Teresa examines the varied species of trees as Sydney goes off to explore the quintissential New England stone walls, of which there were plenty.
Group at Crystal Pond We arrive at Crystal Pond, which serves as a nice backdrop for our group photo.
chipmunk A chipmunk emerges from a hollow log to pay us a visit.

Although the sun had actually started poking through the clouds, we weren't quite done stepping our way through soggy sections of trail that the rain had left behind.

soggy trail soggy trail
Teresa Greg Teresa takes a break in a nice cozy tree and Greg make his way downstream a short distance to shoot a babbling brook video clip.
Teresa and Julian
The end is near. Teresa and Julian walk past baby evergreens on the final leg of our hike, and Lauren and Sydney follow in one the most picturesque sections of our trail.
Lauren and Sydney

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