Douglas State Forest

Douglas, MA

April 24th, 2016

Our band of eight Outing Clubbers was a most lively one! The forest definitely heard us coming as we head up the Midstate Trail on the first leg of our journey.

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group photo
group on Midstate Trail
group on boardwalk Greg & Mugsy The trail crosses a swampy spot along a boardwalk. We search for swamp critters but don't find any. So Greg and Mugsy (our mascot) lead the way as we continue our hike toward Wallis pond.
Jules on a log
Arriving at Wallis Pond, we challenge Jules to walk onto the pond on a dead log, and he does! Meanwhile, Celia scopes out the landscape while perched on a boulder.
celia on a boulder
Cole, Maggie, Celia, Savannah, and Jules climb downsteam to get a better look at the waterfall below Wallis Pond.
Cole, Maggie, Celia, Savannah, and Jules
sparkling waves Thanks to a perfect alignment of wind gusts and rays of sunshine, the deep blue water of Wallis Pond come alive in sparkling waves that dance across the surface.

Off in the distance we spot a beaver swimming around and name him Jim. Jim had built an impressive house overlooking the aquatic vegetation.
Wallis Pond Jim's house
Savannah and Bailey We come upon some horses at Wallis Pond. Savannah feeds Bailey a horse cookie.
Further down the trail we arrive at Whitin Reservoir, where we stop to skip stones and listen to the sounds of a distant stream cascading down the opposite bank. Mugsy gets adventurous and climbs up a tree for a better view. We're surprised to learn that mooses can climb trees. Whitin Reservoir
Mugsy in tree

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