Central Rock Gym

Worcester, MA

April 2nd, 2016

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group photo With renewed interest in indoor climbing, our group of ten brave Outing Clubbers embark upon the club's fifth Central Rock Gym trip of the spring semester! This time we decide to capture the night in pictures (thanks Greg) to share the fun and excitement. We hope y'all can join us next time!

Rose expertly kicks things off with a lead climb past the crux of her route and up to the top of the arch. Look at her go!

Laura and Matheus along with Melak, Lisa, and Shreeya get set for some top rope climbing.

Laura and Matheus Melak, Lisa, and Shreeya

And up they go!

Shreeya Lisa Melak
Laura Matheus Laura and Matheus ascend the central pillar thing (or whatever it's called).
Rose Rose is up and at it again, and her shirt even matches the wall perfectly.
Sabra Leah Sabra hangs on to finish her climb while Leah stretches to grab the next hold.

For each climber on the wall there's a belayer handling the ropes, making sure everything is done safely. Matheus, Laura and Astha have the task well in hand.

Astha belaying Laura belaying Matheus belaying
Kendall Sabra Kendall and Sabra work their way up the walls on their next climb.
Shreeya Shreeya reaches the top... it's a long way down!
Sabra Astha Sabra and Astha make it all the way to the top of their routes as well.
Sabra, Astha, and Kendall Sabra takes a rest break with Astha and Kendall, pointing out the route she just conquered.
Rose and Grant Rose and Grant Rose's dad Grant made a guest appearance and brought us all home baked cookies! He grabs the belay rope as Rose begins her next climb.

Sabra and Leah look on as Rose hugs the wall while stretching for the next foothold.

Sabra and Leah Rose

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