Burncoat Pond Wildlife
Sanctuary & Sibley Farm

Spencer, MA

February 7th, 2016

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Burncoat Pond-Sibley Farm trailhead In the wake of a recent snowfall, we arrive at the Burncoat Pond Wildlife Sanctuary and Sibley Farm trailhead amid clear skies and mild temperatures. What a great day for a hike!

Our trek through Burncoat Pond Wildlife Sanctuary's gorgeous winter scenery brings us down to Flat Rock at Richard's Overlook, featuring a perfect view of Burncoat Pond's west end.

Flat Rock Trail Richard's Overlook
Group on Flat Rock Can we fit six of us into a selfie on top of Flat Rock? Well, almost!

From Flat Rock we had a nice panoramic view of the frozen Burncoat Pond.

Burncoat Pond

Departing Flat Rock, we hike toward the Kalmia Loop and Laurel Loop Trails, twisty, winding paths with lots of ups and downs, and pleny of alluring scenery along the way.

Group on Flat Rock Trail Laurel Loop Trail
Matheus and Laura Matheus and Laura enjoy the sunshine!

The Laurel Loop led us to the Beaver Bend Trail, where we got to check out the beaver pond and marsh along Burncoat Brook. The snow covered mounds look like big marshmallows floating on the ice.

Beaver pond Beaver marsh

From the Beaver Bend Trail we follow the Midstate Trail into Sibley Farm, and emerge into the open fields of Burncoat Hill. We can feel the warmth of the sun in our faces as we hike toward the summit.

Group hiking up Burncoat Hill Burncoat Hill
Group racing to the summit The final leg of our ascent becomes a race to the finish!
Snowball fight At the top of Burncoat Hill, Laura, Ye Jung, Matheus and Emily engage in a friendly snowball fight.
Laura prepares some ammo as Rose takes a cool break.
View from Midstate Trial Following the Midstate Trail back down to our trailhead, we enjoy a lovely view to the west.
Group photo With the end in sight, we stop long enough to get a full group photo.
Group with snowman For our final order of business, we build a huge snowman. Isn't he adorable!
Ye Jung & snowman Kayleigh & snowman No snowman project is complete without selfies! Ye Jung and Kayleigh are featured in a couple of nice ones.

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