West Thompson Lake

Thompson, CT

Septemer 26th, 2015

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Group at West Thompson Lake Our six hearty Outing Clubbers brave gorgeous blue skies and perfect early autumn temperatures on a trek of nearly 8 miles around the beautiful West Thompson Lake and along the Quinebaug River in Thompson, CT.

Proceeding south along the Shoreline Trail from our starting point at the boat ramp, we cross Blain Road, where Kayleigh and Julia scope out the scenery.

Kayleigh Julia

Juliet rests on a bench overlooking the lake while Mica gets a closer look at the plant species.
View of West Thompson Lake Time and again we were drawn down to the shoreline to admire the wonderful views across the water.

Mica and Kayleigh cross the boardwalk near a lovely lily pond adjacent to the lake.
Lily pond
Mica & Kayleigh
Quinebaug River We cross the Quinebaug River on a bridge and prepare to hike back along the opposite bank.

On the bridge, Maddie positions herself as a human guardrail while Greg climbs down to the riverbank to capture more photos.

Maddie on bridge Greg on riverbank
Outhouse This classic outhouse which was teetering when we last visited two years ago has since fallen.
Frog We're visited by a nicely camoflaged frog along the trail.
Group in cornfield Taking a lesson from the frog, we camoflage ourselves in the remnants of cornfield.
Kayleigh Kayleigh gets a close look at what's left of the harvested cornfield.
River view Nearing the lake, Julia, Mica, Maddie and Kayleigh check out a final vantage point along the river. The river was wide here, and felt very secluded and still.
River panorama
Open field We emerge from the forest into wide open fields on the final leg of our hike..

From the fields, Kayleigh captures another great shot of West Thompson Lake, while out on the water, the birds occupy a perfect mating spot.

Kayleigh at lake shore Birds on rock
Contraption We were intriguted by this contraption sitting out in the middle of the field.

Rounding out our loop around the lake, we cross beneath West Thompson Dam. The dam was getting ready for its big event just a week away!

Group crossing below dam 50th Anniversary sign

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