Fall 2015 Kick-Off

Welcoming, Slacklining, Hiking, & Roasting

Aug. 28th - 30th, 2015

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Activities Fair board

For the first time in three years, our first weekend of events did not include massive thunderstorms! It kicked off on Friday afternoon with the the Student Activities Fair on the Green, where Dan and Alex chill out on the slackline waiting for the festivities to begin.
Dan & Alex on the slackline

Soon our table would be flooded by more than 300 visitors, many of whom also tried out our slackine for the very first time (with a little help from Alex).
Fireside sing-along On Saturday evening we gathered 'round the fire outside of Goddard Library for our annual fall kick-off marshmallow roast. It was another huge hit which drew 100-150 students, including some with amazing musical talents who brought guitars, ukuleles, and bongos, and led fireside sing-alongs well into the night.

The marshmallows, s'mores, and good company were tough to beat.
Marshmallow Roast
Marshmallow Roast
Group 1 A new club record for largest trip ever was set on Sunday afternoon, as 55 Outing Clubbers hit the Cascades Parklands trails in five groups for our traditional welcoming hike on the outskirts of Worcester. Here's Cascades group 1, led by Katie and Assaf.
Group 2 Cascades group 2 was led by Ashley...
Group 3 ...and Andrew led group 3.
Group 4 Rosie andDonovan teamed up to lead group 4.
Group 5 And last but not least, Stefan, Hannah, Nick and Greg all pitched in to lead group 5.
Laura Group on Split Boulder Laura is excited to explore the Cascades as group 1 sets out on its hike. Along the way, the group stopped to climb atop one of the halves of Split Boulder.
Group 5 at amphitheater On the Silver Spring Trail, Cascades group 5 pays its respects to the amphitheater.
Stefan climbing Split Boulder Stefan on top of Split Boulder Stefan looms large atop Split Boulder after successfully climbing its difficult half.
Groups 3 & 5 on Silver Spring Trail Groups 3 & 5 exchange high 5's while crossing paths on the Silver Spring Trail. There's even a video clip of this epic feat on our Facebook page!

Rose navigates through a sea of touch-me-nots while Mugsy (our mascot) makes himself right at home among the lovely trees and rocks of the Cascades.

Rose Mugsy
As each group completed its hike, we were greeted with plenty of hospitality, freshly baked cookies, and lemonade back at the Greater Worcester Land Trust's Cascading Waters lodge, with many thanks to Colin, Tracy and their crew.

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