Hike of Mt. Watatic

Ashburnham, MA

September 13, 2015

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Mary on log Ascending the Midstate Trail Mary balances on a fallen tree along the Midstate Trail as we climb toward the Mt. Watatic summit. Our hike was delayed by a day due to gloomy weather; a move which we all agree paid off!
Senegal & Kate on summit Arriving at the Watatic summit, we're greeted by bright skies and gorgeous views, which Senegal and Kate check out.

Brittany scopes out the view from atop a high perch on Watatic's 1,832 foot summit. We set our sights on a subpeak just below the summit where many people had gathered, and from which the views are even better!
Hikers on subpeak The hikers we meet on the subpeak include a number of hawk watchers, armed with binoculars, telescopes, and other instruments. Watatic is one of the region's most popular hawk watching spots.
Nga & Jenn enjoying the view. Nga and Jenn enjoy our view to our east. Through a slight haze we are able to see downtown Boston on the horizon.

A panoramic view looking northeast.

Northeast panorama

A second panorama looking south-southwest, with Mt. Wachusett on the horizon in the center.

Southwest panorama
Watatic summit A look back at the Watatic summit from the subpeak.
Valley view A view down below, looking southeast toward Ashby.
Group on summit Our whole group on top of Mt. Watatic. It was so beautiful up there that none of us wanted to leave.
Watatic summit view from Nutting Hill Eventually we continued down the Midstate and Wapack trail toward the New Hampshire Border, enjoying a nice look back at the Watatic summit as we crossed Nutting Hill.
Trail signs MA-NH border marker Straddling two states, Senegal and Brittany check out the MA-NH border marker.
Beaver pond Nearing the end of our excellent adventure, we enjoy nice reflections in a beaver pond.

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