Walden Pond

Concord, MA

October 31st, 2015

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Group with Thoreau statue Our Halloween hike of Walden Pond begins at the replica of Henry David Threau's cabin which sits at the state reservation's entrance. As usual, we pose for a photo with Thoreau himself.

The pond is nearby, just a short walk down the path. Son Le, Greg, Jenna and Rosie hit the left and right flanks of the beach, admiring the pond and the ring of tourists surrounding it. We're not sure what Thoreau would think about all the commercialism of his fame.

Son Le and Greg Jenna and Rosie
Walden Pond We start down the Pond Path, admiring the sunlit foliage on the opposite shore.
View from Emerson's Cliff Molly in tree A detour to the west brings us up to Emerson's Cliff; a colorful and peaceful place where we decide to relax for a while and enjoy the surroundings. Molly takes advantage of the view while perched in a nearby tree.
Heywood's Meadow The Emerson's Cliff Trail then brings us down to Heywood's Meadow, another intriguing spot which we stop to explore.
Amy & Molly on log Amy and Molly rest on a log at Heywood's Meadow, grabbing a quick snack as they admire the landscape.
Railroad crossing Thoreau would have followed the path less traveled and we decide to do the same, crossing the railroad tracks into the trails of Concord's Adams Woods and Wright Woods. We thought we saw something odd on the track but it must have been our imagination.
Railroad crossing

We hike past Concord's Andromeda Ponds, which are more reminiscent of a meadow. The colors are stunning!
Group passing Andromeda Ponds
Andromeda Ponds
Group exploring old shack Hmmm... we discover an old outpost, which Sam, Andrew, Brittany and Rosie explore. We conclude that it was Thoreau's summer home.
Group approching boathouse Eventually we succeed in our quest to reach Fairhaven Bay on the Sudbury River, and proceed to check out the old boathouse.
Amy at boathouse Amy and Sam at Boathouse Amy and Sam stalk the entrance and take a peek to see what spirits rest inside.
Spider web They discover the spider who lives there now. It was a fitting find for Halloween.
Amy, Molly, Brittany and Andrew at boathouse Amy, Molly, Brittany and Andrew relax at the boathouse, grooving to classic rock tunes being sung badly and loudly by two fishermen out in their boat on the bay. It was most comical.
Fairhaven Bay Singing aside, the tranquility of the bay is a stark contrast to the touristy bustle of Walden Pond. We imagine Thoreau would have appreciated it every bit as much as we do.

In time we make our way back to Walden, stopping at the actual site of Thoreau's cabin for our own touristy group photo before heading home to Clark.

Thoreau Cabin site Group at Thoreau Cabin site

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