Upton State Forest

Upton, MA

January 25th, 2015

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Upton State Forest How do you turn an ordinary hike into an awesome hike? Just add freshly fallen snow!

We ended up at Upton State Forest as a contingency plan after canceling our World's End Reservation trip the day before due to the storm. It was a perfect choice; the winter landscape was so beautiful!
Whistling Cave Trail tricky spot We set out down the Whistling Cave Trail and then hit a tricky spot where each one of us took turns falling down.
tricky spot tricky spot
group celebrating Cresting a hill further down the trail, Will, Hannah, Ashley, Hannah, Emily and Emma celebrate the thrill of the outdoors!

We pass through a snow covered boulder field and admire Mother Nature's entry in the Christmas tree decorating contest.
snow covered fir
snow covered boulders
group descending hill
Where do we go now! We go down to Dean Pond. There were footprints of brave souls who had walked across the ice, but we were content to stay safely ashore.
Dean Pond
Hannah and Emma Group nearing end of hike On the second half of our loop, Hannah and Emma hike up the Middle Road Trail.

And the other Hannah takes the lead as we make our way back out toward the trailhead.
Group at trailhead All of us back at the trailhead as we wrap up our winter wonderland adventure!

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