Newport Cliff Walk

Newport, RI

April 4th, 2015

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Crashing waves Rough seas and a fierce wind made our Newport trip all the more exciting! A strong cold front had come barreling through a few hours earlier, sweeping away the early morning rain and leaving blue skies and huge whitecaps in its wake. Even as we were still driving through Newport along part of its famed Ocean Drive, we could see the massive waves exploding on the rocks of Jamestown across the bay.
Brenton Point Nowhere was the wind harsher than out on the jetty at Brenton Point, so naturally we had to go check it out.
Astha and Greg brace themeslves against the walloping wind. It was so loud that we couldn't even hear the person standing next to us without shouting.
Rose Rose bravely ventures to the tip of the jetty and captues a photo of the waves. You'll also find a 2-minute video clip of the rough sea on our Facebook page.
Start of Cliff Walk Our ears and heads are slightly shaken as we pile back into the van and complete the scenic Ocean Drive to the start of the Cliff Walk at Memorial Boulevard. Fortunately, this shore of the island is sheltered from the wind, giving us a chance to recuperate.
Rose at Forty Steps Forty Steps Moving down the Cliff Walk we arrive at Forty Steps. Rose finds a nice spot to hang out on the rocks as Assaf points out something of interest in the water.
Azra Gaia Molly, Azra and Gaia enjoy the waterfront.

Near Ruggles Ave., surfers were out in force taking full advantage of the wind-driven swell.

Surfers in water Surfers in water

At a small beach in Sheep Point Cove, Molly and Rose couldn't resist dipping their toes in the chilly Atlantic waters.

Molly and Rose Molly and Rose

Rose stands before the vastness of the sea, shore, and sky.

Mugsy Mugsy (our mascot) came along too. He anchors himself against the stiff wind for a smiling photo!

Astha explores the coastline while Assaf is perched above on a cliff, enjoying the view.

Astha Assaf
Sea spray in crevice Waves pummel a narrow crevice, creating bursts of spray that sometimes splash above the top of the cliff.

Rose and Assaf command the surf to rise!

Rose & Assaf
Group Rounding Land's End at the Cliff Walk's southernmost point, we stop on the rocks for a full group photo.
Reject's Beach We reach the end of the Cliff Walk at a small public beach known colloquially as "Reject's Beach" because it sits segregated by a fence from an exclusive, private, and larger beach known as Bailey's Beach.

Completing the Cliff Walk, we hoof our way down Bellevue Avenue past the stately gilded age mansions to downtown Newport, and check out several of its quaint little shops. Finally, after about 7.5 total walking miles, we arrive back at Easton's Beach at the head of the Cliff Walk, and watch a couple of squabbling seagulls before climbing back into the van for the ride home.

Easton's Beach Seagulls

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