Massachusetts Central Rail Trail

Sterling, MA

September 6, 2015

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West Waushacum Pond We embark upon a very chill walk on a very warm day along the Sterling section of the Mass. Central Rail Trail. Our first discovery is West Waushacum Pond, a place we can't help but stop to explore.

So Andrew, Owen and Sam hike down the path to the shoreline, as Assaf teaches Madeline, Nga, Megan and Amy the finer touches of skipping stones across the water.
Greg on bridge West Waushacum Pond

Up ahead on the bridge, Greg takes another cool photo of the pond.

Greg on bridge West Waushacum Pond
The Quag From the opposite side of the bridge we have a nice view of The Quag, with Mt. Wachusett in the background.
Clearview Farm
Upon reaching the far end of the rail trail at Sterling Center, we walk a short distance up the road to Clearview Farm.
Clearview Farm

Some mighty tasty treats await us at the baked goods counter and in the jam section.

Baked goods counter Jam section

Out by the checken coop, Ashley bonds with Sparky, who is very cute. (Ashley too!)
Sparky & Ashley
Checken Coop
cat o' nine tails After stocking up on farm fresh produce, apple cider, donuts and jam, we retrace our steps back along the rail trail, stopping to admire a big field of cat o' nine tails.
Back at West Waushacum Pond, Nga, Megan, Alden and Sarah enjoy the view from the vantage points of nicely placed benches and stumps.
Megan, Alden & Sarah
Ng, Ashley, Megan, Amy and Medelyn Nga, Ashley, Megan, Amy and Madelyn dip their toes in the water and strike a pose with a friendly snail.
Group photo Our full group (almost) at West Waushacum Pond, ready for the ride back to Clark to wrap up a lovely Sunday afternoon hike.

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