Kayaking on the Charles River

Cambridge, MA

October 17th, 2015

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Group at Charles River Canoe & Kayak The twelve of us arrive at Charles River Canoe and Kayak in Cambridge's Kendall Square, eager to hit the water and begin our paddling adventure. We start by equipping ourselves with the necessitites, like life jackets and fashionable shades.
Kayaks on the dock Down at the Broad Canal dock, a whole fleet of brightly colored kayaks await us. We pair up into six 2-person kayaks and are soon paddling down the canal in the shadows of tall buildings, headed toward the Charles River just beyond the underpasses.
Group paddling down the canal Canal underpass

Karen, our awesome guide, paddles down the canal past Lauren, as Donovan and Rose make their way forward. Karen was an endless source of historical facts about the river that amazed us all.

Lauren & Karen Donovan & Rose
Alana & Joanna Soon we hit the open water of the Charles! Alana and Joanna paddle across the river toward Mass General Hospital on the opposite bank.

The rest of us follow suit. Rose admires the lovely scenery as Lauren and Anika paddle toward the Longfellow Bridge.

Rose Lauren & Anika
Longfellow Bridge We get an up-close view of the Longfellow Bridge restoration project.
Joanna & Alana Beyond the bridge, Joanna and Alana pass the Union Boat Club's boathouse on the Esplanade.
Esplanade footbridge We paddle up the Espalande, and Kristen says hello to the ducks who were out there paddling too.
Kristen Ducks

Rose and Donovan glide along the Esplanade, while Celine and Joanna are all smiles!

Rose & Donovan Celine & Joanna
Charles River Back out on the Charles we're met by choppy waters and a stiff wind. Paddling takes a lot more effort as we make our way back down to the Longfellow Bridge.

Further downstream, Marika and Kristen muscle their way past the Charlesgate Yacht Club as we approach the Museum of Science.

Marika & Kristen Museum of Science

A sea of paddles adorns the river ahead of the Zakim Bridge as we prepare to reverse direction and head back upstream.

Paddlers at Zakim Bridge Paddlers at Zakim Bridge
Paddling through North Point Park canal We make a nice little detour through North Point Park on our way back up the river.

Paddling partners Madelyn and Katie (our trip leader and photographer) exchange final snapshots as our adventure draws to a close.

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