Ted's Appalachian Trail Talk &
Cabin Restoration Commemoration

Leicester, MA

October 3rd, 2015

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Ted's talk at Barred Owl Reatreat A strong contingent of Outing Clubbers are among the 26 people filling the Barred Owl Retreat's gathering room on a raw and damp Saturday afternoon to hear Ted Randich ('16) reflect upon the external and internal challenges he overcame while hiking the 2178 mile Appalachian Trail; an endeavor he undertook as a LEEP project in partnership with the Greater Worcester land Trust (GWLT) exploring natural and cultural landscapes.
Morgan Cabin Following Ted's talk we adjourn to the GWLT's Morgan Cabin behind the Barred Owl to celebrate the cabin's restoration by Outing Club and GWLT volunteers.
Group photos inside the cabin GWLT Executive Director Colin Novick hung a wooden sign with the Outing Club's emblem above the fireplace, commending our partnership with GWLT for "saving this cabin before it rotted into the ground." He encouraged the Outing Club to make full use of the cabin and "consider it a home away from home... it is partly here because you guys have done cool stuff."
Our sign above the fireplace and pictures of our work brighten up the cabin's interior. While our subsequent hiking and kayaking plans are curtailed by the day's raw weather, the festive celebration along with a warm fire crackling in the fireplace keep our spirits high! Sign above fireplace
Pictures on the walls
Fireplace As the event draws to a close, the last five stragglers remaining at the cabin are greeted by an unexpected guest as a deer passes by right outside the window. We leave the cabin in search of it and end up down at Southwick Pond, where Colin explains the craftiness of the beavers.
Beaver dam

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