Buffumville Lake

Charlton, MA

October 24th, 2015

Mugsy (our mascot) takes a deep breath of fresh autumn air as we set out on our 7-mile trek around Buffumville Lake And down at the water's edge, Liv and Grayson scope out the lovely scenery.

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Liv and Grayson Mugsy

Our hike began at the boat ramp along the east shore of the lake and proceeded counterclockwise. Here we cross the lake's northern tip, while just offshore, a white swan majestically paddles by.
group crossing the northern tip
fallen tree
Our trail turns southward as we proceed down the lake's western shoreline, passing a fallen tree that skillfully wedged itself between two other trees.
western shoreline
low water in lake The lake's low water level from this year's dry spell transforms an island into a colorful peninsula. Buffumville Dam is seen in the background on the opposite shore. We still have several miles to go around the lake's southern tip before reaching it.

Abigail balances across a log as Liv, Grayson and Brittany prepare to follow suit. We're at the very southern end of our hike, about to cross the south fork of Little River. Further up the trail, Emma leads the way across another log.

Log crossing Log crossing
berries berries Two of the many varieties of berries which lined our route.
lake view Proceeding back up the lake's eastern shore, we stop to rest and admire the nice views. Liv, Grayson and Abigail gaze across at the bright foliage across the water.

Haley and Brittany are chillin' on the roots. Nearby, Hunter and Emma enjoy a quiet moment.

Haley and Brittany Hunter and Emma
island An island is reflected by the lake's surface. And as we continued our way up the eastern shore, the foliage views were a sight to see!
foliage view foliage view
foliage view
Abigail and Grayson
Just before we cross the dam, Abigail and Grayson discover an old Civil War encampment (or so they claim)! And the top of the dam offered a nice look back at the terrain we'd crossed.
view from dam
view downstream Downstream from the dam, the view was equally compelling!
group Our whole group gathered below the dam on the homestretch of our wonderful hike.

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