Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Worcester, MA

February 21st, 2015

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Broad Meadow Brook sign
We discovered the Broad Meadow Brook while hiking along the aptly named Troiano Brookside Trail, which we reached via the Holdredge and Ladyslipper trails. Temperatures had only warmed into the balmy twenties and another snowstorm was right on our doorstep, but we were nonetheless excited for some quality winter exploring.
Broad Meadow Brook

To our left, the ducks paddling and strutting their way up the brook didn't seem to mind the cold. And to our right, the tall fields had turned a golden brown for winter.

Ducks in brook Golden brown field
Meaghan and Madeline Broad Meadow Brook At the Cardinal Trail intersection, Meaghan and Madeline enjoy a view of the brook while Josh and Rose catch up with the group.
Group crossing foot bridge We cross the brook on a strikingly red footbrige and continue our way up the cardinal trail.
Madeline and Josh Madeline and Josh balance their way through the deep snow, which would occasionally give way underfoot despite the packed trail.
Birch stand We pass through some beautiful birch stands on a winding and wooded section of the Cardinal Trail.

Snowshoers had done a nice job tracking the trails, but step off of the narrow path and you just might get half swallowed by the deceptively deep snow.

Group on Cardinal Trail Rose in snow
View toward lookout Juliana, Julia, and Molly take a quick break at an info shelter where the Cardinal Trail passes beneth the powerline. A couple of us wisely stay here while the rest decide to trek up the hill through deep, unbroken snow beneath the powerline to the Sagatabscot Trail Overlook.
Juliana, Julia, and Molly at shelter

Our slog up to the overlook is by far the most strenuous part of our hike, as each of us becomes mired in snow along the way. Juliana and Julia give it their best in their triumphant march to the top.
Rose on boulder
Rose conquers a boulder to reach the very top, enjoying the view down the powerline. Off in the distance you can see the shelter from which our little diversion began.
View from lookout

We celebrate our conquest to the lookout with a group photo, after which Rose helps extricate Juliana from the snow.
Rose & Juliana
Group at lookout
Group photo Eventually we regroup and continue down the Cardinal, Blue Well and Holdredge Trails, pausing near the end of our hike for a full group photo just as more snow from the approaching storm begins to fall.

Our whole group is chipper (and a bit tired) as we pile into the van and head back home to Clark.

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