Adirondack Mountains

New York State

September 5th - 7th, 2015

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Taylor Pond Our Labor Day Weekend excursion to the Adirondack Mountains was special because it was the first trip into New York State in our club's most recent 13-year history! The six of us arrive at Taylor Pond campground following a long day in the van, and waste no time heading right back out to hike Silver Lake Mountain, a small but craggy peak a few minutes from Taylor Pond.
As we ascend Pine Mountain, Donovan is blinded by the afternoon sun which burst through the treeline. Below, Rose and Donovan set their sights on the High Peaks Region, visible from the summit of Pine Mountain.
Rose and Donovan
Sunday morning we're gathered at the dam of Lower Ausible Lake for our big hike! Our plan is simple: We will hike to Pyramid Peak, and then to Gothics, and double back to climb Sawteeth before finally returning to Lower Ausible Lake. Trail sign
Group at trailhead
Rainbow Falls canyon Shortly after our trek begins we encounter the mesmerizing Rainbow Falls, whose cascading waters produce a cooling mist and a thunderous roar in the still air. We stand in silence and regarded its beauty. The sides of the canyon tower over us and trees peer out from the edges of the cliffs.
Rainbow Falls
Yana and Donovan Beyond Rainbow Falls, the trail crosses large patches of very steep, bald rock as we climb higher up Pyramid Peak. Donovan waits for Yana while she scrambles across! The air is humid, and the path feels endlessly steep, gaining almost 3,000 feet in elevation in only 2.7 miles.
Jake All our hard work is rewarded when we suddenly turned a bend in the trail and are greeted by a cool, windy summit offering one of the most beautiful views in the Adirondacks! As the first to summit the 4550 foot Pyramid Peak, Jake feels accomplished.
Rose Rose absorbs the views from Pyramid Peak.

We take a lunch at Pyramid Peak and consult our maps. Gothics Peak is less than a mile away. At 4734 feet it is the 10th tallest peak in the region, and proves to be a perfect spot for a group selfie.

Lunch break on Pyramid Peak Selfie on Gothics Peak

Andrew looks smug atop Gothics. Near the peak, we discover a moss covered crevasse.
Group on Gothics Jake captures a candid moment as we rest at the summit of Gothics.
Sawteeth Mountain Leaving Gothics, we double back across Pyramid and set our sights on Sawteeth Mountain. At 4,150 feet, Sawteeth lives up to its name; we scramble up and down a strikingly serrated series of sharp false peaks. We do not stay long at the primarily tree-shrouded summit, for it is already late in the afternoon.
Lower Ausable Lake Descending Sawteeth, the trail devolves into a maze of switchbacks. The sun is quickly setting and the peaks cast long shadows across Lower Ausable Lake, which taunts us on the warm and muggy day with its cold, pure water.
We arrive back at the dam of Lower Ausible Lake after twelve hours of hiking and three 4,000 footers. Night fully descends by the time we reach our van three miles away. We were exhausted but exhilarated by our 15-mile hike. TEXT
The following day we pack up early, enjoy a short splash in a crystal-clear river, and find a rock at the bottom of the riverbed which perfectly symbolizes our Adirondacks affection. We reluctantly continue our long drive back home to reality.

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