Trail Riding at Bobby's Ranch &
Nashoba Brook Watershed hike

Westford, MA

September 13th, 2014

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We decided to get a double dose of nature by preceding our trail riding adventure with a pleasant little hike nearby at Nashoba Brook Watershed. Following the trails we discovered a quiet pond filled with cattails and little coves. Tess checks out a rope swing hanging above the pond, and Tori confidently steps across the plank.
Emily at edge of pond Emily ventures to the edge of the pond to explore the deep waters. (Deep in this case means about 1 centimeter.)
Horses at Bobby's Ranch Following our hike, horses were the main attraction! Emily greets them as we arrive at Bobby's Ranch for trail riding.

We were each given a horse with a fantastic name, like Booger or Tootsie. Tess mounts her horse from the platform, and Tori follows, joining the pack.

Tess Tori
Helen Helen is all smiles as we prepare to hit the trails.
horse A view from the cockpit.

Hannah and Helen show their fine form as our ride commences, with a send-off by Ashley's favorite dog from last time! We rode down trails in the surrounding conservation land. A few of us took the challenge and trotted with our horses, proving to be a scary and exhilarating experience.

Hannah Helen

After our awesome trail ride we ended the day horsing around with the farm animals, befriending goats and a crazy sheep, and of course, taking selfies with the goats. No trip album is complete without a goat selfie!
Katie and goat selfie
Tess befriending goats
Group photo Our lovely and amazingly cute group photo, as we gather and hit the road back to Clark.

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