Hike of Mt. Pisgah Conservation Area

Northborough & Berlin, MA

January 19, 2014
With the landscape covered by a blanket of freshly fallen snow, a small sign nestled in a big field was all that led us to the trailhead and parking area where our hike was to begin. From there, we plodded along the edge of the first field and diagonally crossed the second, following an easement which led the the edge of the woods.

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trailhead sign
snowy fields
trail The snowstorm delayed our hike by a day, but we appreciated the fine weather left in its wake.

The trails were unfamiliar as we'd never started from the Berlin trailhead before, but we instantly fell in love with the picturesque landscape.
Group on Ball Hill trail At the summit of the Ball Hill Road trail, Eunice, Katie and Andy take a water break as the rest of the group studies our next turn on the map.
Alex Wow... snow! On the trail, Alex is absorbed in the beautiful winter scenery.
North View The North Gorge Trail, Berlin Road Trail, and Mentzer trail led us to the North View lookout, where we stopped to admire the magnificent view.

The old water tower on French Hill in Marlborough stood out like a rocket ship. And well off in the haze, we could see the tops of Boston's Prudential Center and Copley Center.
Katie At the North View, Katie goes for a snow swim.
group Our whole group at the North View.
Group at South View Three quarters of a mile later, we arrive at the South View.
Group at South View At the South View lookout, we pay tribute to the amazing winter panorama before us.
South View panorama
Assaf, Alex & Greg Next came our long trek back to the trailhead. Assaf, Alex, Greg, and Katie make their way down the various paths. That snowy branch above Katie's head is a bad omen. Some mysterious force kept shaking trees and causing snow to fling down on top of her.
Katie on the trail

'twas a tiring journey: Alex takes a nap along the steam bed.
stream bed
Edge of the woods We see light at the end of the tunnel as the open field we crossed at the beginning of our hike comes back into view.
sky view As we wrap up our hike, patchy clouds moving in from the west join forces with the late day sun to create an alluring display above the fields, and set the stage for the gorgeous sunset we saw on the drive back to Clark.

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