Massachusetts Central Rail Trail

Oakham, MA

November 9, 2014

Our 4.5 mile adventure began right here as we crossed the Ware River at the White Valley footbridge. Just upstream, a Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) utility building reflected nicely in the water.

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MDC building
White Valley Footbridge
Rail Trail
The Rail Trail portion of our hike was a gradual ascent on a nice smooth gravel surface, and was very picturesque. After about a mile, we veered onto grassy and often leaf-covered access paths through MDC wathershed conservation land.
MDC access path
Shuffling through the freshly fallen blanket of leaves was a lot of fun. And we stopped for several minutes at the power line to enjoy to the peaceful sounds of nature and the leaves blowing in the breeze, punctuated by an occasional passing plane. Power line
carpet of fallen leaves
pool of water
We checked out each steam and little pool of water we passed, often admiring the reflections as in this upside-down photo. Below, Sonya makes her way through a web of branches to snap the perfect stream picture.
Coldbrook Road We briefly emerge onto Coldbrook Road, a quaint little thoroughfare, and head toward the yellow gate on the right were our trail continues.
Gianna stops along the road to read a little piece of Oakham history. You can read it too. (Click photo for larger image.)
group on trail Hannah As we continue down the trail, Hannah conquers a big boulder.
group on boulder Greg, Sonya, Gianna and Hannah use the next boulder for a group picture. We were nearing the end of our wonderful hike, having taken full advantage of the calm and sunny, 50-degree afternoon; a rare treat for mid-November!

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