Crow Hills and
Leominster State Forest

Westminster, MA

November 22nd, 2014

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rock face Our hike up the steep-ish trail to the cliffs of Crow Hills was a little tricky thanks to a carpet of fallen leaves and some icy patches, but the scenery and views made it well worth the trek.

Roisin, Madeline and Astha make their way up the trail to the base of the cliffs. With winter's early arrival, the ledges above were already decked out in lovely icicles.
Roisin, Madeline & Astha
icicles on ledges
twisty sculputre view above cliffs We stopped to investigate a twisty sculpture off in the woods before hiking to the top of the cliffs, where we were rewarded by more great views.
group Our group photo above the cliffs, with Mugsy front and center!
cliffs cliffs The cliffs in both directions were amazing, plus a dizzying view straight down.
view straight down

A tree grows sideways from the top of the cliff, overlooking the ponds below.

sideways tree ponds

Roisin and Madeline head north along the Midstate Trail, where Greg encounters more icicles.

Roisin and Madeline Greg

Roisin, Hannah, and Madeline check out the icicle farm.

Madeline Hannah Roisin

Crow Hills, as seen from Crow Hills Pond at the end of our hike. We trekked left to right across the top of the hills and then looped down and around Crow Hills Pond back to our starting point.

Crow Hills Pond

The pond was thinly frozen over and we made comical attempts to crack through the ice with small stones, which simply pinged off the surface. Roisin launched a heavier rock in a valiant final try, but it landed on top with a solid thud!

rock on ice Crow Hills Pond

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