Just Do It Day at Cascades West

Holden, MA

April 26th, 2014

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JDID group With implements of destruction in hand, we did it in the rain at Cascades West for Clark's Just Do It Day 2014. Volunteering with the Greater Worcester Land Trust, we installed a signpost, dug water bar trenches, hoisted and cut logs, ate cookies, and had a little fun!
Katie with post hole digger Roising & Assaf Luke, Katie, Roisin and Assaf break ground for the soon-to-be new signpost at the Silver Spring trailhead.

The digging was arduous as we hit an endless melage of rocks, which Assaf and Greg pound away at.

Assaf & Greg Greg tossing rocks
Sign post stabilized with rocks
On the plus side, those rocks came in handy stabilizing the new sign post. We look so proud of the finished product!
Group with new sign post

While the sign work was underway, Tyler and Luke dug some water bar trenches on the Silver Spring trail to improve drainage.
Tyler & Luke digging trench
Tyler & Luke at log pile Further up the road, our next mission was to haul some black locust logs out of the pile and prepare them for upcoming projects.
Mary & Roising rolling log Mary and Roisin roll a log from the pile. Check out those awesome biceps!
Greg & Assaf Greg and Assaf drag a log from the pile.
Tyler, Assaf, Luke & Roisin with log Tyler, Assaf, Luke and Roisin carry the next log across the street.

Luke, Mary, Assaf and Tyler work to dislodge a log which was tightly wedged against the stump, while Katie and Therese take their turn at the saw.

Luke, Mary, Assaf & Tyler Katie & Therese with saw
Roisin & Katie removing bark
Roisin and Katie team up to finish the cut and de-bark the logs.
Roisin & Katie with cut log

Atop our collection of freshly prepared logs, we wrapped up the day with a stunning performance by the Outing Club JDID drill team before heading back to Clark where pizza in the Grind awaited us!

JDID Drill Team freshly prepared logs
And a week later, another group of Greater Worcester Land Trust volunteers took the logs we prepared and planted them as new fence posts at the trust's Bovenzi Conservation Park. Such teamwork!

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