Fun on Southwick Pond
at the GWLT Cabin

Leicester, MA

February 2, 2014

We spied the Greater Worceseter Land Trust's (GWLT) Morgan Cabin with great enthusiasm! All of our restoration work over the past few years was most evident, but this time we left our hammers and paint brushes behind. We were here to have fun; to enjoy the fruit of our labor.

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GWLT Morgan Cabin
GWLT Morgan Cabin
Southwick Pond From the cabin, our small but mighty group of six wilderness explorers set out on a mission to explore the far side of the solidly frozen pond. A band of ice fishermen pointed the way, and off we went.

With temeratures up in the 40s for the first time in weeks, the snow on top of the ice had melted, making for some wet shoes. Stefan, Ali and David approach a puddle, and behind them, Laura and Alison marvel at the surroundings.

Stefan, Ali and David Laura and Alison
Alison and Laura
We easily picked up the trail network on the far side of the lake. Alison and Laura make their way inland through the snow. As we got closer to Muir Meadow we often found ourselves stepping gingerly on muddy trails.
Group in Muir Meadow We discover Muir Meadow at the far end of the trail network.

And what's this??? Milkweed?!??!??
Cozy cabin As we headed back to the cabin it began to rain, and we made it inside just before the rain picked up. That made the fire in the fireplace along with the toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate all the more cozy.
Drying socks The fire also came in handy for drying out wet socks! As time passed and the embers died down, we cleaned up our camp and headed back to Clark.

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