Canoeing on the Blackstone River

Woonsocket, RI

April 19th, 2014

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Group photo Sunshine and beautiful weather awaited the eleven of us in downtown Woonsocket as we arrived at the banks of the Blackstone, where we were greeted by our volunteer guides from the Blackstone River Watershed Council (Friends of the Blackstone) and their flotilla of canoes.
Kristen, Roisin, Katie, Assaf, Jules and Eunice chat with Shane (one of our guides) while we gather for Keith's canoeing lesson. Katie even got to be used as a live prop as Keith demonstrated how to hold a canoe stable while your partner climbs in. Katie & Keith
Shane & group
Eunice with picky-upy-thingy And Eunice had fun hanging onto the picky-upy-thingy!
Kirsten & Roisin Getting down to business, Kristen, and Roisin launch their canoe into the river. With the spring melt, water levels were high and the river's current was swift.

Our crew gathers along the bank waiting for the rest of the canoes to launch. Then we head into the rapids just beyond the first bridge.

Canoes along riverbank Eunice and Verna paddling toward rapids
Kristen, Jules & Assaf Success... we made it through the first rapids! Kristen, Jules & Assaf pull off the side so we can reassemble before tackling the next ones. See the whitewater up ahead of us? Those rapids would prove to be more menacing!
Assaf Suddenly the trip becomes filled with excitement and adrenaline rushes! Assaf is sad after being rescued from one of the canoes that capsized in the rapids.
Eunice Having survived the harrowing rapids, Eunice was declared to be "the bravest, bestest canoe buddy ever!"
Kristen and Roisin After dropping off the capsized paddlers to warm up, we continued on down the now-peaceful river. Kristen and Roisin easily navigate the tranquil waters.
Kaitlyn & Verna Kaitlyn and Verna paddle downstream like river wizards.
Jonathan & Angela Jonathan and Angela glide right along in one of the wider sections above Manville Dam
Rafted canoes We raft up so we can get a history lesson from Keith about river and its polluted past, which has been reversed thanks to tireless efforts of groups like the Blackstone River Watershed Council.

We complete our amazing canoe tour at Manville Dam and all pitch in to help pack up the canoes.

Loading canoes at Manville Dam Group photo with canoe trailer
Celebration at Manville Landing The work is done and we celebrate in happiness, along with a little sunbathing and swan watching while waiting to reunite with the rest of our group for the ride back to Clark, with plenty of adventure tales to bring home with us.

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