Bigelow Hollow State Park

Union, CT

October 5th, 2014

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Bigelow Pond Our hike began along the shore of Bigelow Pond, where Alex enjoys the beautiful scenery. We were estatic that there wasn't a cloud in the sky as the nine of us set out on our planned 6-mile trek covering the western part of Bigelow Hollow, a section of the park our club had never before explored.

Molly, Olivia, Peter, Christian, and Gabby make their way through the forest as we depart Bigelow Pond and head toward Mashapaug Pond. Later we stop on a bridge to admire the steam flowing beneath it.

Group in woods Group on bridge

We got our first glimpse of Mashapaug Pond at one of its many inlets. It was absolutely gorgeous, and so peaceful that we wanted to just sit there forever. We didn't get moving again from quite some time!

Mashapaug Pond inlet Group at Mashapaug Pond
Mashapaug Pond Finally we continue our hike and experience the rest of Mashapaug Pond's beauty.
Gabby and Mica Gabby and Mica gingerly balance their way to the water on a fallen tree.
Olivia and Alex
Olivia and Alex share a branch above the pond while Fiona climbs down through a web of roots into the hollow space beneath.

Molly and Gabby follow Fiona through the roots and into the hollow.
Nearby Mica finds a comfortable spot down at the water line. And just around the next bend, Gabby and Alex are mesmerized by the funky patterns of sunlight piercing the crystal clear waters.
Gabby and Alex
Deviating slightly from our route, we crossed this bridge to explore Rock Island. And what would Rock Island be without a rock! We climbed atop it and spent time enjoying yet another view across Mashapaug Pond.
Group on Rock Island

From Rock Island we watched kayakers paddle across the pond, and an immature bald eagle circling overhead.

bald eagle kayakers
Mashapaug Pond One of our best and last views of Mashapaug Pond before the trail circled back into the forest.
tree growing from tree tree hugging tree Scenes of co-habitation: In the woods we find a white birch tree growing out of a fir tree, and a tree hugging another tree. Gabby joined in and made it a group hug!!!
Group in woods Mica points out the next trail marker as we continue our loop along the twisty path through a forest of fuzzy pines. The many hills and deep gulleys along this section of trail created an unusual landscape where we were either nestled beneath steep ridges or looking down from the top.
Bigelow Pond Finally we make it back to Bigelow Pond! Did we mention it was a super-slow hike? You probably guessed that by the pictures. In the first two hours we'd covered just 1.5 miles of our 6-mile trek, thanks to all the spellbinding scenery. For the final leg of our hike we completed the circle around Bigelow Pond, with it's far shore nicely illuminated by the late day sun.

Our whole group at the southern end of Bigelow Pond, and a shot of Mugsy with his big smile as our fantastic adventure draws to a close.

Group photo Mugsy
Shadows along Bigelow Pond As the sun gets lower, shadows creep higher up the trees.
Bigelow Pond Greg On the homestretch, Greg sneaks one last peek of the lovely Bigelow Pond before hopping into the van for the ride back to Clark.

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