When the pager goes off, your mind is clear. Everything
that has plagued your conscious; your troubles and your
worries dissipate in the presence of your new task. To
provide care. When your pager goes off, you know that
the only person that matters right now is your patient.
They are waiting for you because you know exactly what
to do. You know how to save their life. You also know
how to console them, how to assure them of their
wellbeing, and how to be the first person to provide the
necessary service for them in that long line of medical
care that they will receive.

Like the first page in a novel, you, the first responder,
set the pace and attitude for the progression of the
patientís medical experience.

Clark EMS is something to get involved in if you want to
learn how to care for someone in an emergency
situation, if you enjoy caring for others and providing
them a unique service, or if you want to be a part of a
hard working organization that is dedicated to a cause
and proud of what they do.

Participating in Clark EMS is also a wonderful
experience for those interested in the health professions,
for those who want to work with people in almost any
kind of setting. As a member of Clark EMS, as a first
responder, you are also eligible for special funding to
pursue EMT certification. It should be noted that this
funding is reserved for those individuals who show
dedication to the organization.

To find out more about joining Clark EMS send us an
email on our contact page.

Clark EMS
950 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610
508 793 7575