Service Update

Fewer Clark logins
Clark logouts

Fewer logins are in your future.

Clark is adopting Single Sign On (SSO) technologies for many of our web-based services. This means that you can sign in once via a web-browser and it will grant you access to many Clark web-based resources.

How will you logout?

It depends. Generally the guidelines below apply. If you...

o    Close just a tab, you will still be logged into all the services. If you reopen a tab and access an SSO service, you will not have to log back in.

o    Close your web-browser, you will be logged out of all the SSO services you were logged in to.

o    Click the "logout" link for an SSO service it will log you out of that service AND others associated with the single-sign on (SSO).


How will you know if you are accessing an SSO service?

If you see the login screen below, you are accessing an SSO service and should follow the guidelines above for logging out. There are many Clark services that use SSO including: student email, Moodle, LiNK, Slate, SmartBuy Plus, and Qualtrics.


Who should you contact if you have questions?


As always, a great starting point if you have questions is the ITS Help Desk.

ITS Help Desk | Clark University | Academic Commons | P: 508-793-7745

Don't share your Clark Account password. Ever.