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About Clark Moodle

Clark's Moodle is provided and maintained by Clark University's Academic Technology Services team (part of ITS). While we love current and emerging technologies, we are passionate about great teaching and strive to use technology to enhance it. We'd love to talk with you about how Moodle (or other technologies) might do that.

DIY Support

Use the resources below to help solve the most common issues.

F2F support and consultations

GSOM, IDCE Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Math/CompSci, Physics, Psychology Education, English, Foreign Languages, History, Philosophy, Sociology, V&PA Political Science, School of Professional Studies
Joanne Dolan Michael Krikonis Christopher Markman Cheryl Turner Elwell
(508) 793-7472 (508) 793-8807 (508) 793-7214 (508) 421-3714

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