Rooms Available for Housing Lottery

This application finds rooms that are currently available for Housing Lottery selection. This list is generated from real time data, and throughout the Housing Selection Process and Housing Lottery these rooms will be removed from the list as they are reserved.  You may search available rooms by hall and by group size, and you may choose to display the results as by Lottery Size, or by individual space.  You may also choose to search only the Flex-Fill suites and apartments that are currently available. Remember that there may only be two Active Flex-Fill suites per area at a time (Although initially more may be available in the form of RA apartments or partially filled medical placements, etc). These spaces must be filled before additional Flex-Fill suites can be designated. Suites that can be made Flex-Fill are identified in the search results below. You can identify the students assigned so far to an Active Flex-Fill suite/apartment by clicking on the Suite name in the list of current Flex-Fill Suites on the right.

As of right now, there are 85 spaces remaining in Lottery. Remember! If you select a room at Lottery, you are committed to living in that space through at least the first two weeks of the Fall semester, so choose wisely!

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Current Flex-Fill Suites:

Blackstone Hall:
No Active Flex-Fill Apartment

Maywood Street Hall:
No Active Flex-Fill Suite

Dana and Hughes Halls:
No Active Flex-Fill Suite

Dodd Hall:
No Active Flex-Fill Suite

RLH Houses:
No Active Flex-Fill Apartment